An automata based synth, mixing organic growth and reproduction patterns with user controlled parameters. Running on a 64x64 LED matrix, each different colored cell interacts with the moving white cells, called spirits, in a different way. The spirits hold sound data, with is then altered and multiplied based on the colors cell it interacts with. For example, the green cell duplicates the spirits that enter it, sending out 3 copies of that sound. When a spirit enters a blue cell, the sound is played and the spirit dies.


A supercollider program written to allow the user to generate and sequence frequencies by typing ascii characters in real time using an 8 line text box GUI.

These frequencies are then sent to eight different 1v/o jacks on any modular synthesizer. These two tools were then used in tandem to create a composition, interacting live with both the text getting sequenced and the parameters on the synthesizer they control.


Three sets of four strings, with each set being stretched above an oscillating electromagnet. The harp is receiving a sine wave where the amplitude between -1 and 0 are cutoff to 0, which is sent through an amplifier to the different magnets. This results in the magnets pulling the strings in the positive amplitude. When the amplitude drops below 0, the magnets turn off and the strings are then able to oscillate back. This vibration causes each string produce a harmonic of the input frequency as they all vibrate back and forth, a sound similar to bowing.

gradient controller

The idea for this controller was to bring some gradation to a MIDI controller. With MIDI being so quantized it can be hard to get more subtly or transition between notes. A pattern was etched to allow for the 12 copper touch pads to blend with each adjecent pad, to form more organic transitions between them, and each was wired to a Teensy 3.2. A Pure Data patch was written that took in the capacitance levels of each pad as control messages, and pitch bent depending on the percentage of which pads where being touched. The board could be changed bewteen, the circle of fifths, chromatic scale, or each could be set to play and individual chord chords.
oz hewett